So many articles on the web? So many Goals ! Hundreds of trials and still No success.. same but true old story. Goal is a key success electron to be an achiever but not the only one. This is a first step which separates you from average population on this earth but doesn't place you in the elite list of achievers.

FOCUS is another success electron which along with GOAL creates achievers.

A life WITHOUT FOCUS and WITHOUT GOAL is Animal life. They're living with no goal and no focus. They search food, any kind of food, eat it and sleep. But these animals are of great use for survival of human beings. They are being used. No need to say that no one wants to be in this category, however many of us are or have seen such peoples around us.

Then, comes a life with FOCUS BUT NO GOAL which is very rarely seen and actually needs some motivation. Most of the peoples with changing goals, too much of goals, unnecessary goals, unclear goals also falls in this category. They're easily influenced by others and aren't focused on single goal. They waste their energies wandering in this world, understanding this world and keep searching the reason or path of success. They want to do something but don't know how to do it because they don't know what to do.

Then comes those people who have clear DEFINED GOAL but are NOT FOCUSED. These might have lost confidence or don't have knowledge of Power of Focusing. They are normal humans with poor or less will-power. Due to knowledge they have created GOAL in their life but aren't able to FOCUS due to practice. They need little motivation and great practice.

Then comes those who are the cream on this earth, the elite group, the achievers or will soon be. An achiever need not be monetarily rich, an achiever is the one who was firm on goal, who believed in himself and his goal, remained stick to it and achieved it. Achievers like Failures are found everywhere, in every age group and in every field. BIG Achievement comes with BIG GOALS. Achievers are those who had a SMART Goal and GREAT FOCUS.

Classification is needed for self-realization but Classification with definition of goal will be true movement towards growth and achievement.

The graph presented here is left for readers perception. Please comment what you understand from quadrants, rounded rectangle and arrow directions and also what benefit they made to you.

I'll be happy to know if you tell me "how they can be corrected according to your perception of GOAL and FOCUS".

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